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List of products by brand PHILIPPE MODEL

Philippe Model: a great passion for fashion and art

The Philippe Model brand comes from the creativity of the French stylist and artist of the same name, born in the 1950s, who has been able, over time, to realize his life project in the world of fashion.

The real Philippe Model brand was born in the late seventies, when the designer was only 22, and established a series of collaborations with the most important exponents of French haute couture.

Eclectic and brilliant designer of hats and shoes, Philippe Model offers collections that represent the meeting point between craftsmanship and creativity, achieving the title of best French craftsman.

It was at the beginning of the eighties, also with regard to continuous research carried out in the world of Italian footwear craftsmanship, that the designer designs and manufactures his first model of women's shoe. A shoe that will become a true style icon: practically a sort of prelude to what modern sneakers are today.

Over time, Philippe Model's Maison becomes a reference point for international fashion, and the designer, in addition to being the head of his own brand, is called upon to take over the artistic direction of some important international fashion houses.

The artisan and stylistic evolution of the Philippe Model brand

After 2000, the decisive encounter between the creativity of the French designer and the technique of the Venetian shoe artisans took place. This is precisely how the first collections of Philippe Model Paris sneakers were born: the perfect meeting point between the style of the Maison and the Italian tailoring precision.

The brand begins to evolve and develop again, always in search of innovative materials, new manufacturing techniques and new ideas for style and design, and with extreme attention to detail, keeping to what is the tradition of craftsmanship. Italian footwear.

Today, the splendid models of Philippe Model sneakers are to be considered not only authentic objects of worship, but also the result of research and accuracy that has been carried out for decades. All the shoes created by the brand are characterized by extreme attention to detail, in addition to the constant presence of the Paris emblem which, in relation to the model, can be applied by hand, printed, embossed or visible overlapping.

Wearing Philippe Model Paris sneakers means infusing your personal style with a unique and inimitable touch, made of love for art, passion, precision, design and material research.

Philippe Model Paris sneakers, a timeless classic

The Philippe Model Paris sneakers collections allow everyone to complete their look with a unique and timeless element that, while respecting the current trends, perfectly satisfies the desires of those who prefer a classic style.

The brand creates collections for both men and women, all models stand out for their design and refinement, with a French taste, and for the precision typical of the best Made in Italy handcrafted footwear.

Philippe Model's shoes continue to achieve considerable success, in terms of the refinement of the shapes, the attention to finishes and details and the unprecedented combination of materials, always of high quality.

Of course, you can choose from many variations, based on your personal preferences and usual look. The brand offers classic running-inspired sneakers, versions with rubber and vintage details, there is also no lack of more whimsical but still and always refined models, in silver, military green or two-tone leather.

To the incomparable style of the brand are added the qualities of comfort, practicality and versatility. The sneakers made by Philippe Model are perfect especially for those who love movement, they adapt well to physical activity and sport, to walk and to enjoy their free time with maximum freedom.

The aesthetic characteristics of the best quality Italian footwear craftsmanship, always evident in each model, allow us to define these shoes as authentic luxury shoes, which reach an ever higher level with each new collection. Often renewed in design, Philippe Model shoes always maintain the highest quality standards, and have become a true symbol of elegant originality.

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